1. Dragonvale Hack Tool.

If you are a competitive player and want to imitate pro's. Play ranked. If you are just playing for fun and stress free. Play normals. If you are a casual gamer. Play custom/aram/dominion/tt.

Its no point to antimeta in ranked, if youre playing soloque. Nobody else is wanting antimeta games and its only you. Dont be selfish. Play normals instead and have premades. This way you dont piss off others for Dragonvale Hack.

2.Knowing your lane.

In champ select, Say your best lane and worst lane. This way everyone knows your strengths and can play more coordinated to win. STOP THE "I SAID FIRST". This only pisses everyone off and makes your chances getting your desired lane even lower. I have developed my strengths at every lane but i'm most powerful at mid. Be polite about it.

3. Abuse the ping system.

Instead of typing: "GG OUR JUNGLER NO GANK"

Use OMW ping's so everyone know's that you're coming to help. Use the ? ping if your lane is missing, instead of typing it in chat. Use the assist me ping if you need a dragonvale hack. Use the danger ping to tell your teammates that its not a good idea to initate. Use the V ping (back) to tell your teams to disengage and turn back. I only use the chat function if i ask for item suggestions or other game related stuff like dragonvale gem hack. I understand that the jungler cant always come to rescue you when you fail your lane. Just a simple assist me ping tells your jungler that you need attention next. Your jungler comes to help you eventually. Be patient. Nobody us can focus on the chat when were getting that sweet 1-2-3 combo to kill that enemy mid. The smartping system is so much more efficent.

4. Reports

Don't beg for reports. It only makes you look like an ass. Be quiet and calm and just report the toxic person after the game is over. (he will get eventually hes deserved justice. Don't worry.)

5. Chat

Stop making that kid's tantrum lose the game for you and learn how to hack dragonvale. Ignore that damn chat. Why do you care what that 12 year old kid thinks? I have /all Chat disabled always. Made me improve since i don't have to see those taunts. Abuse the mute button. Your teammates can still smart ping.

6. Premades

5 v 5 soloque: 40% your team gets a troll and 50% enemy gets a troll. 10% is you. 2 premade: 30% your team and 50% enemy team... 20% increase of not getting trolled. Always prefeer duo queue since it gives a chance that the enemy has a bad team and you don't. DON'T BE AN ASS ABOUT IT! Don't spam WE DUO WE BOT. Learn to play all lanes and synergize with your team dragonvale hacks.

7. Losing

GG WP. Report toxic players and move on to the next game. Losing a normal doesent mean anything. So don't get mad about it. In ranked: You got outplayed. You had a troll in your game. It happened... And your raging wont make it go away. Just accept it and move on.

8. Stop being the leader.

STOP! Chat and be a team. Talk it out in the champion selection and discuss strategies and counters. Stop telling others what to do and try to learn from them. If you're supporting a bad adc. Instead of flaming him and going dive dying on the enemy. Play it safe and be at the back. Follow the adc's movement and try to help him improve. I see bad ad carrys daily. I even go and admit it. Many times when i'm the adc. i win games.. That's why i always adc in ranked. Its a easier way to win. If i want to lay back and relax, i go mid/jungle/top instead. Its more relaxing and not boring as hell early dragonvale hack tool.

9. Advice.

If someone tells you to build more survivability/damage. They only mean good for the team. Offcourse this works both ways. You only want to win right? Or you only want to have as much fun as possible. Many players need to stop being so butthurt about getting advice. Every player that just started this game can relate to running into towers and dying over and over untill they learn from experience. Sometimes its just worth it to say "don't do that, it doesent work in this game." But always remember to be polite about it.. Nobody wants to hear that they suck and need to uninstall.

10. "I said first" issue.

When you're in ranked/normal draft pick. Come on. ITS DRAFT MODE. The "i said first rule" does not even apply in blind mode. So why do i see 9/10 times this phenomenon happening in DRAFT MODE? This is the internet, NOT THE KINDERGARTEN. If you wish to apply "i said first" rules, please go dragonvale hack to the nearest kindergarten and fight over for toys.. We are here to play and try to win.




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